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Monday, December 15, 2008

The boringness of my blog

Soooo i was told in no uncertain terms that my blogs is downright BORING and SAD by a friend of mine...so maybe he was TRYING to be helpful...but Mr. SugarFingers believed that i can give my blog a facelift by making it sexy.
Well what do you mean make it sexy???
The reply: post a better pic of yourself up. men like to see sexy girls'pics.
MY response? the removal of my profile pic altogether.
I really dont know if it's posible to get men's approval and attention through a blog ..but frankly i don't want it..

* aaall i really want for christmas is my blog to be read...
my blog to be read...my blog to be read...
aaall i really want for christmas is for my blog to be read..
my blog to be read...my blog to be readdd! *

NOT by men...just read thank you!

Can anyone tell me HOW to do this? Coz frankly i really dont want to resort to having a blog filled with awesome looking pin-up girls.


Stacy said...

“hey that crap actually makes sense!” lol... how things.. i now see where most of yr time goes ... lol .. just droping to give u a christmas present... and all you want for christmas is for someone to read yr blogs right? well i did.. so SURPRISE!!! and the blogs are actually interesting... i like yr style of writing. ever thought of becoming a journalist?!

Anonymous said...

stacyyy! aww ur so sweeeet!:D thanks for my christmas present..i love it! lol...and ur flattering me ;p well I do hope ur having fun in Canada ;p see u soon..

Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

Babooshka, came by because of a post at AKA LOL. Blogs do not need to be "sexy" simply interesting and well written. However, if readers you want then a reader AND commenter you must be. If you read other blogs and leave thoughtful (as in well composed and relevant) comments then others will dance on over to you and read it. If you write well and have something to say such as AKA, then they will return.


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